Smokey the cat!

We found a stray cat this weekend. It was sleeping in the middle of the road, so I decided to pick it up because I felt sorry for it. It is very thin, has a few scars behind it’s ear, a dirty gray coat – but it’s one of the most loving cats that I have ever come into contact with.

After a while of searching, we’ve figured that it’s abandoned/stray and we’re not going to be able to find the owners. Tomorrow we’re getting it’s shots and after that we’re taking it to a friend’s house so that they can take care of it until me and Elise move in together.

I made a house for the cat out of an old box and lined the bottom with a few old T-shirts. He loves it. I hope that’ll tide it over until we can get it to a real house.

Here’s a picture of the cat in question that I took today:

Cute, huh? Can’t wait for it to live with us!

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