My Tire Blew Up AGAIN!

I have no idea what type of luck I have. It’s just bad. I was on my way back home to get ready for another job and I hear a low rumbling in the back of my car. I worry about it for a few seconds, thinking it might be a developing flat, but then I shrug it off pretty quickly. Bad idea. A minute later BLAM – the back right side of my car lowers suddenly and I pull off into an almost nonexistant shoulder.


Yup. My tire exploded. I felt a bit unnerved by the short distance between me and many of the oncoming cars (some feet away) so I called “Hoosier Helpers” to give me a hand. Unfortunately, I’d lost my wheel lock, so the guy works at it for an hour and finally gives up. Keep in mind how bitter cold it was out there…probably in the negatives with wind chill. Finally I have to call a tow truck, pay him $150, and get a lift to some local used tire store run by the only “Southern Folk” in Gary, Indiana apparently. A few seconds of work and my lock was off (turns out it just needed a few gentle turns to finally come loose). At least they gave me a good price on a tire (and they were pretty nice to boot).

I guess the day turned out ok because I only missed one of four jobs and have had stuff flowing in for the last few days. I just can’t believe how crazy it was.

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