I’m IN – Dark Knight Screening!

After a long day of waiting for the timer at http://www.whysoserious.com/overture to come to an end, the day culminated with a frantic search across all of the Dark Knight ARG pages to find puzzle pieces which finally unscrambled to “Kickingandscreening”. I put my name into the website and was generated an honest-to-goodness pass to see one of the most anticipated films of this year.

This seriously couldn’t have happened any better than it did. Elise and I are taking a honeymoon to Europe next week on Thursday, which is the night the earliest normal Dark Knight shows are. This ticket is for the 15th! That’s two days before the actual release! How cool is that.

For those interested, this is what the ticket looks like. I’ve blanked out all pertinent info because I don’t want a jerk to steal my pass.


One thought on “I’m IN – Dark Knight Screening!

  1. cristin

    yay! I’m so excited for this movie. After last nights festivities, apparently the movie infiltrated my dream because my dream had the joker in it.

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