Holy Freaking Crap, Batman.

I just saw the Dark Knight and it was seriously one of the best movies I’ve ever witnessed. The acting, action, and effects were friggin superb. It all started with a long wait in line which was not boring at all due to the company that I was with. We were all ushered into the theater, checked with detectors, the whole “no video cameras or cell phones or anything that could possibly capture Dark Knight and distribute it on the internet” drill.

Finally, after an announcement from the manager of the theater, the film we had all been waiting for started. Let me just tell you this. From the start to the finish there was not one point in the movie that I wasn’t completely enthralled about. I don’t know if it was my involvement in the whole process (i.e. seeing the Brach’s parking lot blow up, walking the same streets that much of the action took place on, taking part in the ARG), but I was just floored by the whole performance.

I’ll write more about the actual, but as of now I’d like to get a little bit of rest.

Horrifying photo of me courtesy of meine freund Kevin. No, I can’t dislocate my jaw. I have no idea why I made that face.

On another note, this video is amazing beyond words.

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