Europe – Berlin

We’re waiting in a train station, so I figured I’d write a little bit about what’s happened so far in our trip through Europe. In short – it’s been really awesome. We only had one FULL day in Berlin, but we covered a lot of ground thanks to the awesome transportation system. I feel as if I have so little time here, however, because there is so much more to explore past the obvious tourist areas. We obviously wandered around the main centers of both the former East and former West sides. We checked out all of the sights, took tons of pictures, and overall, hit just about any place a tourist in their right mind should. Of course, we weren’t taken in by the obvious tourist traps (I’m not waiting in line and paying $10 to go inside of a building when there are so many more to explore for free).

Currently, we’re waiting for our train to come into the Hauptbahnhoff, or main train station of Berlin. We didn’t have the hotel room rented out for today, so we had to drag our luggage over and figure everything out here. Although there was a baggage check, it was exorbitantly expensive so we passed even though we wanted to see more of Berlin (we figure the more money we have for the later destinations, the more fun we’ll have there.) At 9:26 PM, hopefully we’ll be on our way to Zurich Switzerland in a sleeper car where we’ll spend two days at some really classy hotel.

So far, I’ve learned a few things about Berlin – no amount of schooling will prepare you for having absolutely no idea where you are (although it helps), there are very few public bathrooms in Berlin (and when you find them, they might make you pay ,80 euro to use them), and that even though I have already been lost and in need of a bathroom, being in another country with Elise is one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done in my life. It’s insane to see the cultural differences here and I’m more glad than anything to be able to experience this for the first time with my new wife (woah, that is really weird to say).

Also, Berlin is the dog-friendliest big city that I’ve ever been to. It’s ridiculous. They’re everywhere – on trains, in malls, in restaurants. They’re so well trained too – I’ve seen more dogs off of leash than on leash and they dutifully follow their masters on and off trains and through crowded malls.

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