Abandoned Chicago Hospital

I spent my Sunday exploring an abandoned hospital. It was amazing.
The hospital closed due to malpractice – doctors were recommending unnecessary surgery and allowing patients to undergo operations that they didn’t need. Now, the hospital is a mildewy mess – the carpet squished beneath my feet with every step, tiles were curled up from the moisture, and the air was heavy with the smell of must.
We made our way into the building and found ourselves in the dark basement, murky water resting at the base of our feet.
First, our guide (A guy Jordan that I met through flickr, awesome guy, by the way), led us up to the top floor of the nurses residency building to the pool where we hung out for a bit. A skylight let the sun through and almost managed to light up the murky surroundings.

We made our way through the residency building. Every floor was pretty much the same, but I snapped a shot of one of the more furnished rooms.

From there we made our way to the records room – a room literally bursting with rows of files and books. Books about autopsies, books about surgeries, files about people who were admitted and people who had died, microfilm, birth records. Everything.

Various microscope slides were stored in small containers around the room:

From here, we wandered:
We found a room covered in dust from a fire extinguisher:

Corrosive materials:

Until we had some fun. We found a hyperbaric chamber and a ton of scrubs, so we decided to screw around a bit.

More photos, as always, on my flickr:


24 thoughts on “Abandoned Chicago Hospital

  1. Kyle

    The people who show me these places like to keep traffic at a minimum, but with a bit of research and exploration, they’re pretty easy to find themselves. I like to keep places vague so that I don’t have to worry about people going in there with no idea of what they’re doing and getting hurt or destroying stuff.

  2. Kyle

    Nope. I know at least 12 people who have gone into this. I found out about it through trusted contacts, and some of my trusted contacts have found information about the location from me.

    If you knew the right search terms, you’d even find multiple sets on Flickr. It’s a matter of research, really. I’d just rather not blatantly divulge that sort of information for literally anyone to find.

  3. John

    Awesome hospital pics, my friend! 🙂 I really enjoyed the ones of the old church as well.
    You might find some of my You Tube videos interesting. Last Summer, a couple from Winnipeg and I visited (among other places) the old North Detroit General Hospital (later named Greater Detroit Hospital) and took plenty of movies and photos. It has since been sealed off, but you can view the vids on You Tube if you wish. Unfortunately, the quality is not quite as good as yours but some of the scenes we encountered are almost identical to the items you came across.
    So far, I’ve explored the old hospital, a funeral home (also on You Tube), train station, theatre, department store, factory, grade school plus a dozen or so old houses (some of them heavily damaged by fire/water) and store fronts.
    If you ever come to the Detroit area, you’ll have an explorer buddy on hand to guide you along! 🙂
    Take it easy and feel free to w/b if you have the time. Once again, awesome site 🙂

  4. M. H.

    Hey Kyle,

    I understand what you mean about keeping it vague, so I’ll understand if you can’t help but.. I’m shooting a music video for a band, student work, and this place would be perfect.

    Send me an email, so we can talk about it a bit more and/or if you have questions.

  5. chrissy

    ahhh so i enjoy going to places like this in my free time
    would you be willing to tell me where this place is at i have to see it!

    if you could e-mail me with the adress and where you can get in you would be like the most amazing person i no

    my e-mail is chrissyasd@sbcglobal.net

  6. Sean

    Beautiful shots, they were really enticing to try and find the place you took them at. It really took me about 3 minutes of searching to find it. To be honest I think you give too much information describing the hospital. One google search got me what I needed.

    The abandoned dust room looks like a surgery room, you think people were just having fun with fire extinguishers?

    Also the room with all the books, files, and film in it would be a very interesting visit; I wonder what crazy things are in there that they would just leave them for anyone to look at.

  7. Kyle Post author

    I agree that I do give a lot of information about the hospital, but not naming it outright puts at least a small barrier between the people that I don’t want to go there most and the people who will at least do a tiny bit of research to figure the place out. It’s pretty well known and wrecked already anyway (the fire extinguisher room being one example), so I wasn’t in “super protect” mode over it.

    It’s sad that idiots have to go in there and mess with the place.

    Yeah, the record room is my favorite room. It’s actually locked now, but when I went there I could just sit around for hours.

    Thanks for the compliments!

  8. Mosi Tyrone Wells

    I am looking for comparisons on old abandoned buildings to compare with in my city and state. This hospital reminds you of something out of a horror movie for real. I wish I could read some of those old autopsies and doctors reports. Keep up the great work!

  9. Szymon

    Hello, I am a student that wants to make a fiction film based on mind reading and mind games. Short 5-8 min film. I go to Columbia College Chicago and would like to know if there is a possible way to get in contact.
    Thank you.

  10. William

    Hello Kyle,
    It seems as though many different people have contacted you in regards to this hospital. I am a photographer at the school of the art institute of chicago and from what i understand the building is scheduled to be demolished soon and i was hoping to gain access to the building for artistic and historical purposes. If there is anyway that you could help out I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. Kyle Post author

    Hey guys. Sorry to those of you that I never got back to, but I’ve been ridiculously busy. Bad news is that I have no pointers as getting photos of the place go. I went there a long time ago and many things have changed.

    Good luck to all of you and I’m really sorry I couldn’t help! It’s nice to see so many people interested in the building.

  12. nameless

    whatever dude thats kind of shitty that you wont share the location I hate photographers like you

  13. Kyle

    “Nameless”, you can find the location with a simple Google search, so why would I want to facilitate your getting there by divulging the location outright when you won’t even take the effort to look for it elsewhere?

    How do I know you’re not a scrapper? How do I know you’re not a tagger? How do I know you’re not an idiot kid who wants to go in there and trash the place?

    I have reasons for not coming straight out with a location, as much as you’d like to think that I’m just a stingy jerk wanting to keep the place to myself. That’d be a stupid reason to be secretive about this spot anyway, given the fact that hundreds of people have been to the place.

    Go troll elsewhere.

  14. Ryou

    Kudos to you for actually following the unwritten UE code and not giving too much away. I’m visiting Chicago next month and really hope I can manage to get in here!

  15. Elizabeth

    Wonderful photos. A group of us were actually talking about this hospital in class today. I am planning on visiting to doing some shooting for my senior thesis project. Out of curiousity, would you say it is safe to visit this place alone during the day (being a slightly younger, white female)?

  16. Kyle Post author

    Hi Elizabeth! You should be safe. I’ve certainly never run into anybody in there. The area is decent enough, so just keep your head about you and you should be fine. I wouldn’t specifically recommend going into any place like this alone just in case something goes horribly wrong, but I know plenty of people who have gone solo in worse places and came out fine.

    Most likely, most dangerous thing you’ll run into would be some mold. The place is pretty damp.

  17. Adam


    I’ve been trying for a year to get into this place. I know the name of the hospital and even have a way to get passed the fence. If you could email me at ohnoitsback@gmail.com I have a few questions and would like to share my experiences with the place. Thanks!

  18. Mia

    Hi Kyle,

    First, I am a big fan of your work! Your photos are amazing 🙂

    I have a client that is very eager to get into some abandoned buildings or locations in New York, Chicago & Los Angeles for a small ‘Architectural Tour’. Wanted to reach out to see if this would be something you would be interested in helping me out with. Please let me know- any leads with be much appreciated! Do you still have Jordan’s contact info- I am really looking for a guide to help help out in this endeavor



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