Gary Church Revisited

Here are a few more shots of one of my favorite places in the area. I’ve been busy at the paper with all of the floods going on in the area, but a forced detour due to the closing of a highway and a bit of lucky downtime, I managed to stop by to take a few shots.
In the rain, the church takes on a whole new mood. Water floods in from the ceiling and collects on the floor of the once great church. The brickwork is exposed where the water hits, dirt washed away. Water runs down the limestone pillars. The pounding, pouring rain gave the church a completely new feeling, almost as if it were alive again. It was absolutely beautiful.

I took a photo or two of the sanctuary before deciding to explore the rest of the building again. I made my way into another room and made my way up some stairs.

I climbed up into the church bell tower in order to get a shot from above. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be in the area next time it was raining so hard so I figured I’d capture the moment.

On my way down, I stopped by a room that I’ve always liked. The floor was an inch deep with water. In the winter, the floor of this room is often coated with ice. Today, water gathered.

Finally, the result of exploring a very wet abandoned church:

6 thoughts on “Gary Church Revisited

  1. Kconnett

    Hey you are doing some amazing work, I have been to a few of these places, and a few maybe you have not…. amazing photos, maybe you can contact me, I would like to do some more exploring, I am ruthless and fearless to say the least…. Always a good time….

  2. Samara

    Hi Kyle-
    I know you aren’t in the habit of sharing your locations, however, I’m very much in love with UE and am making a book for my next portfolio showing at the end of April. I’m planning a trip for this weekend (March 26) and would love to add some Indiana stops along the way. I was wondering, as I haven’t been able to find much online, if you could please share with me where those silos are as they fit very well with the rest of my images. I was also interested in the hostpitals in Chicago.
    If you could e-mail me please I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Tina

    I just happened to be in the area on some business, and the conversation struck about “the old abandoned church where they filemd the new Nightmare on Elm Street”. I quickly grabbed my phone, and google searched the info. It gave me the address, and of course your blog was a search result.. You have taken some breathtaking pictures of this structure, and intrigued me to return soon with a few friends to capture the spirit that most have claimed to feel when wandering through.. What a shame this building has been left to rot like it has. Hopefully the city of Gary does something fitting for such a once beautiful place of worship and vibrant life. Thank you for sharing your pictures with all of us. I live just a city over from Gary, and have a new-found interest in the old yet beautiful structures that still remain from the City of the Century…

  4. vince

    William Grant Seaman founder of city church was transfered only after 3 years to an Ohio church. He requested that when he died his ashes be placed in the chancel( he died in a car accident in 1940) which was marked by a copper plate. In 1975 both were removed when the church closed.If a spirit is there its of him or Seth Thomas who I hear was always exploring the city offering tours for new comers.3 tours of the church and lots of pics the place seems to be getting more dangerous.lets not forget the congregation who rejected to merge with the city meth but survived. the 1st presbyterian 1913- ad -present and the Christ church 1910-1983 right down the street.

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