My Tamron Lens Broke!

My Tamron 17-35 recently screwed up majorly. I have no idea what went on inside, but I went out on a full day (which seemed to be going perfectly), framed up a shot, hit the focus button – it would NOT focus. For some reason the area that the focus ring was supposed to be at was PAST infinity. I took a closer look, and my aperture ring was off-track.

So, doing what any insane photographer that wants his lens to work would do, I opened the lens up, thinking that the worst case scenario would leave me $300 down and since my job involves photography, that wouldn’t be too bad.

Turns out, for some reason, the track that my aperture ring sits on was cracked and the ball bearing had become lodged into some evil area. No idea how this happened, since I have it tacked at 22 and let the camera control the f-stop.

So, I had to choose whether I should glue it, or discard the cracked fragment. I just tossed it out. Unfortunately, in the process of getting everything to work, the tiny, tiny ball bearing slipped out of my grip and flew to the floor. Not even a strong magnet could find it.

So, now I had no way to lock my aperture ring in place. It sucked, but I could live since I just keep it tacked stuck to 22. I replaced everything, closed it up, put the screws in, and fastened the aperture ring to 22 with some electrical tape (it has a tiny spring mechanism, so without the ball bearing, it doesn’t stick).

Works fine now, but I figured I’d share my pain.

2 thoughts on “My Tamron Lens Broke!

  1. Amy

    Hi, I know this is meant to be in reply to your ‘rant’ thing. But I couldnt find anywhere else I could get in touch with you. I’m doing photography Alevel and ive chosen the title “a sence of abandonment”, luckily for me i came upon your site with your ‘abandonments’ pictures. I think they’re great and if it’s alright with you, I’d love to use you as a ‘photographer influence’. This would mean I’d put some of your pictures into my folder, maybe immitate a few of them, I’d also need some information on you, things like…. the cameras you like to use, things you like to photograph most, your influences (if you have any), any particular techniques you use etc etc, also your name and b’day (don’t worry no personal info needed). Would be really great if you could get back to me & let me know what you think. Thanks alot! x

  2. joan

    I am so touched and saddeded by your photos of Gary IN. I lived there and went to high school there. Graduated high school in 1974. Lived there from 1960 – 1974. Then I left and moved to Chicago. I visited Gary once while still living in Chicago. We visited Aetnea and Gary. I was in shock! I visited Gary about 11 years ago, could not believe what i saw. We stopped for gas and I was so afraid to even get out of my car. We went thru the Aetna neighborhood. All homes there were abandoned and demolished. I was terrified to even be there. I didn’t see anyone. How could the mayor of the city ever let it to get this bad? He should be held accountable. This is a disgrace. There are still people living there. There are US citizens there. The government is responsible. These buildings should be torn down. I thank you for showing your photos to the general public. People should know about this. This should be illegal to go on. It’s a safety hazard and dangerous. I just went on Gary in website and it has all nice clean buildings shown on it. Good show front. This city needs to be rebuilt and the people that live there need to at least care to make a difference. Chicago is only 30 miles away. Gary could be rebuilt. People in Chicago’s housing now are too high. Maybe they could be attracted to come to Gary. It needs to be a city again. People need to care! Thank you for sharing your photos. Keep it up.

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