Chicago Hospital Complex Exploration pt. 2

We started the day with plans to explore two abandoned hospitals in the area. The hospital has been a historic point of Chicago since it was built and even had a popular TV sitcom based on it. The hallways were gigantic, but also very empty. Being a county hospital, the city had pinched every penny from the closure that they could.

There was almost nothing left but the structure of this building. Rooms stood completely empty with only a scrap or two of metal or a radiator against the wall.:

Making our way up to the top floor, we could see the Chicago skyline outside of the window. I wound my way through a small hallway to find an oddly placed auditorium that was probably used for the observation of surgeries at one point. The floor of the auditorium where the instructor once stood was now completely filled with what seemed to be heating equipment. A hulking wall of aluminum blocked us from going any further down the stairs.

The hallways were as gutted as the actual rooms. I have no idea why, but dirt was covering the ground of this 7th floor hallway.

We exited the first of our destinations and made our way to the second. This hospital, midway between the point where a building is closed and the point where demolition work starts, was much more interesting. It was full of leftover equipment, records, x-rays, film – you name it. Unfortunately, we were running low on daylight so we were forced to rush through.

The hospital felt as if everyone had just gotten up and left. Not a single room in the building that we were able to explore was completely empty. Chairs, piles of records, even medical equipment was just left to rot.

The furniture in the building was dated. Seems the last time that they actually refurnished the place was in the seventies, although I’m pretty sure it closed much more recently.

The halls were dark, full of furniture and debris. Peeling paint coats floors that have paint, other halls are lined with tile that has not yet fallen off.

Meet the most frightening CPR dummy that you’ll ever see.

One of the most surprising and incredible things that has ever happened to me while exploring suddenly happened. We were wandering around looking for a way to make it to the basement and something insane happened. We were in a dark stairwell. Dirty floors, peeling paint everywhere, no lights, darkness – suddenly, we opened a door and found ourself in one of the most pristine abandoned buildings that we had ever been in. It felt surreal, almost dreamlike. The colors on the walls were the same as they were when the building closed, the floors almost looked waxed. It was crazy. We were in a hurry (many windows, well lit), so I couldn’t get a great photo.

More to come of course.

To see more of my abandoned photos, check out my main site.

24 thoughts on “Chicago Hospital Complex Exploration pt. 2

  1. lydia

    omg this is awesome…and the floor with like perfect condition..thats kinda creepy…but sweet at the same time…great post!

  2. Ricardo

    This reminds me of an old hospital in my town that my friend and I explored. The plaster was falling off the walls, glass everywhere was broken, and the creepiest thing of all was how all of the soaps and conditioners and stuff in the bathrooms were still sitting there, dusty, but in great condition as if someone had just used them last week.

  3. Cat

    Your photos like the “Illinois Central Hospital” which has been taken over by the University of Chicago (probably will eventually be condos.)
    It used to be a great hospital (on with Stoney Island or Cottage Grove – I can’t remember). It was a place where I was healed me from cancer when I was a young girl….I’m still here 52 years later. Sad.

  4. willowtree

    I once saw a town that had been evacuated in NY state. It was amazing. Things still in closets. Tables set for meals. This was a long time ago. But your pictures remind me of that town.

  5. Kyle

    Cat, it’s incredibly sad to see these places go. I don’t know if the hospital went by a different name when you attended, but as I knew it, I don’t know if it is the same hospital.

    The history that I come upon in places soon to be demolished is depressing. I see postcards of their days in the spotlight and now they’re just tossed out, architectural beauty and all, it’s really sad.

    Willowtree, that is one of the most interesting things about some of these places. When people seem to leave everything behind, it just puzzles me. What happened that made these people get out of there so fast? Why did they leave what they did. It’s odd.

  6. Anonymous

    Reminds me of Byberry, they left it abandoned and it has alot of stories, if you look it up you will find it, I worked at Camarillo State hospital and find mental hospitals interesting. Many have closed, very creepy. Camarillo is now a College and they have many ghostly appearances. Funny…

  7. Kyle

    Absolutely positive Nuclear, the power is actually on to a large portion of that part of the hospital.

    There’s also a series of tunnels connecting various parts of the building that is lit up as well. Quite eerie.

  8. John

    I work for a UK Hospital Trust and we have one or two beautiful buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Sad to see such functional buildings falling into disuse. Great post however, particularly last pic. Gives insight into how pristine it must have been at some point.

  9. Ryan

    I’ve found this site from stumbleupon. I really love these types of photos and would like to make a same journey, but it is really hard to find places like this in my city.

  10. Kyle

    John, yeah, seeing these places decay is just a shame. This whole complex is slated for demolition in the near future even though it has served the area for quite some time. I’ve even seen postcards from the 60’s featuring the building that we were in. The difference in decay within the halls of that building is staggering.

    Ryan, I know exactly what you mean. I live in a weird area of the states literally booming with places like these to explore. Big cities have most of them, so you might want to try your luck there. Literally all my friend and I do is drive around until we find a place to check out and just jump in. That, or we do our research ahead of time.

  11. Mike Haverty

    All of your abandoned photo dumps are amazing. I’ve been organizing a small midwest ghost-town/abandonment tour with friends, and I was wondering on how you hear about some of these buildings that have become abandoned in the last 50 years? I’ve been in the southwest suburbs of Chicago and still didn’t know about half that the buildings you took pictures of.

  12. Kyle

    Don’t worry about it, you didn’t miss anything. I purposely keep the location of these places secret because not only are they somewhat widely available already elsewhere, but I don’t want to be responsible for some jerk going in there and screwing up the place – even indirectly. Sorry!

  13. Julie

    Makes total sense, I was just curious. I’m originally from NYC and your photos made me wonder how the inside of that hospital on Roosevelt Island might have looked before being ruins.

  14. Anonymous

    The CPR dummy kind of resembles Michael Jackson. (Not meant to be mean) Just my opinion.

  15. Stephanie

    Wow, where was this in Chicago? I’d love to visit it sometime. It looks amazing.

  16. lis

    hi! i love your pictures!! 🙂 how did you get in?…can u pls let me know i wanna shoot that building…thanks!

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