Tim and Eric Awesome Tour Chicago 2009, Great job!

Insane absurdist skit comedians Tim and Eric as well as many of their friends performed to a sold out crowd in Chicago recently and, lucky me, I was able to take photos of it.

First, a little bit of explanation to those who have no idea who the guys are, they’re the creators of possibly the most insane show on television today. The show is filled with jabs at bad public broadcasting, karaoke hits, guest stars out the ears, and just about anything that’d make someone unacquainted to the show confused and possibly uncomfortable. I’ll put it this way: a small, animated. screaming baby with an overly hairy face named “Chippy” is a common occurrence in between skits on the program. It’s that weird.

The question is, does the show translate well to the stage? The answer – yes. Freaking absolutely.

The night started as any show night does. Waiting in line. It was cold. By cold I mean mind numbingly cold. The kind of cold that saps every bit of feeling from your extremities. Completely ignorant of that fact, hundreds were already lined up for the sold-out show over an hour before the doors were even planned to open.  Finally, after a long wait, the queue was checked for camera equipment and let through to wait in front of the stage, enjoying some ambient Tim and Eric music in the meantime.

After a short wait, DJ Douggpound, a friend of Tim and Eric as well as the guy responsible for the theme song for the show as well as a lot of music featured in the show, came out on stage and worked the crowd.

The main event began. A melodic techno-tune fills the air involving the word “diarrhea”, and finally, Tim and Eric burst onto stage in their patented skin-tight costumes. Yellow this time around. The place went wild.

Following the introduction, the show exploded into a menagerie of skits and video interludes reminiscent of the television program that we had all come to love. It included throwbacks to Awesome Show as well as completely original material that hadn’t been seen before (for instance, Tim and Eric tried to sell the audience a hot tub in an effort to give us the special “Tim and Eric TOUCH”). Guest appearances were abound.

Also, a surprise visit from John C. Reilly as the much-loved character Dr. Steve Brule. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission to post the photos that I took of him, so maybe another time.

To finish up, I’m going to dump a large bunch of the rest of my photos. I’m no writer, so I can’t really say much more past the fact that the show was excellent and I recommend it to literally everyone who is a fan of the duo go see it. Even if you’re not a fan and want to experience something like nothing you’ve experienced before, go see it.

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