Wow. Not much to write here. I’m a guy who likes photography and I want to write stuff that goes on the internet. Yay!

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  1. Luke

    I’d like to use one of your Gary ruined church photos for the title art of my blog. Apart from acknowledging copyright and a link to your blog do you have any requirements? Would you object or would you prefer me to purchase the photo?

  2. Bryan

    So I am curious, as I’m sure others are…but do you get permissions to go inside these buildings or do you kick in a door and hope for the best?

  3. Kyle Post author

    Luke, I can’t remember if I responded to you, but I’d be fine with you using my graphic only in the title art of your blog as long as you didn’t modify it greatly and link back to me.

    Bryan, I would NEVER damage a property that I take photos in. My friends and I make a point to leave the properties that we enter with nothing changed. Vandals, scrappers, and taggers are people that we dislike.

  4. jim


    Hello! I love your photos & was wondering if I could use one or two in a pro-bono project I am working on, (an opening sequence for a film festival) specifically this one http://www.cityeyesphoto.com/…/ 02/dsc-0045-12.jpg or maybe one like it….Please let me know. Thanks!


  5. Anonymous

    Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you did damage buildings! I was just wondering if you got permission from the owners or do you find a way to get in and hope the cops don’t show up.

  6. Tim Burnsed


    I am in a christian band, and we are working on our new record, and I was looking at your pictures of the Gary church, and one of them is perfect for what we are wanting to convey through our album art. I can’t post more details on the album title or focus online, but I would like to talk to you about using one of your photos for our album art. Please email me or call me at 478-299-1567 so I can discuss this with you. I would really appreciate being able to use one of your photos.

    Thank you,

  7. Anonymous

    Kyle, we are in need of photo backdrops for a series of tarot cards …i am looking for explorations of areas around ….would like to get some spots from you……..

  8. Parrish

    I cant believe that i came upon this website on accident!!!! ive been looking for abandon places to take pictures of and just explore because of the amazing feeling it is to see a place that was so busy and has so many memories from other people and yet it is empty and quiet and will probably never be restored… i just recently found a town that has been abandon near me called otto here in tx.. i plan on going to take pics next month and ill def give you a link…. you should create a section on here for other people to post pictures and stuff… find me on facebook and goodluck with the rest of your pics… i cant wait to see the rest of what you have to post!!!!

    Parrish Ruiz de velasco

  9. Kyle Post author

    It’s back! No idea what happened, apparently I accidentally sent it back to draft status. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Emily Morrison

    Hi Gary. Great work! I handle pr/graphics/etc for The American Century Theater in Arlington, VA. We are producing Orson Welles’ Voodoo Macbeth, set in a time in the future, with some added religious influences. We’d be very interested in using your photo of the destroyed church in Gary Indiana, for our postcards (we usually print about 1000 and distribute around the DC/VA area. Would you give us permission to use this photo? And if so let me know what the charge would be. Let me know – we can talk by phone as well. Many thanks! Emily Morrison

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