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Tim and Eric Awesome Tour Chicago 2009, Great job!

Insane absurdist skit comedians Tim and Eric as well as many of their friends performed to a sold out crowd in Chicago recently and, lucky me, I was able to take photos of it.

First, a little bit of explanation to those who have no idea who the guys are, they’re the creators of possibly the most insane show on television today. The show is filled with jabs at bad public broadcasting, karaoke hits, guest stars out the ears, and just about anything that’d make someone unacquainted to the show confused and possibly uncomfortable. I’ll put it this way: a small, animated. screaming baby with an overly hairy face named “Chippy” is a common occurrence in between skits on the program. It’s that weird.

The question is, does the show translate well to the stage? The answer – yes. Freaking absolutely.

The night started as any show night does. Waiting in line. It was cold. By cold I mean mind numbingly cold. The kind of cold that saps every bit of feeling from your extremities. Completely ignorant of that fact, hundreds were already lined up for the sold-out show over an hour before the doors were even planned to open.  Finally, after a long wait, the queue was checked for camera equipment and let through to wait in front of the stage, enjoying some ambient Tim and Eric music in the meantime.

After a short wait, DJ Douggpound, a friend of Tim and Eric as well as the guy responsible for the theme song for the show as well as a lot of music featured in the show, came out on stage and worked the crowd.

The main event began. A melodic techno-tune fills the air involving the word “diarrhea”, and finally, Tim and Eric burst onto stage in their patented skin-tight costumes. Yellow this time around. The place went wild.

Following the introduction, the show exploded into a menagerie of skits and video interludes reminiscent of the television program that we had all come to love. It included throwbacks to Awesome Show as well as completely original material that hadn’t been seen before (for instance, Tim and Eric tried to sell the audience a hot tub in an effort to give us the special “Tim and Eric TOUCH”). Guest appearances were abound.

Also, a surprise visit from John C. Reilly as the much-loved character Dr. Steve Brule. Unfortunately, I don’t have the permission to post the photos that I took of him, so maybe another time.

To finish up, I’m going to dump a large bunch of the rest of my photos. I’m no writer, so I can’t really say much more past the fact that the show was excellent and I recommend it to literally everyone who is a fan of the duo go see it. Even if you’re not a fan and want to experience something like nothing you’ve experienced before, go see it.

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Holy Freaking Crap, Batman.

I just saw the Dark Knight and it was seriously one of the best movies I’ve ever witnessed. The acting, action, and effects were friggin superb. It all started with a long wait in line which was not boring at all due to the company that I was with. We were all ushered into the theater, checked with detectors, the whole “no video cameras or cell phones or anything that could possibly capture Dark Knight and distribute it on the internet” drill.

Finally, after an announcement from the manager of the theater, the film we had all been waiting for started. Let me just tell you this. From the start to the finish there was not one point in the movie that I wasn’t completely enthralled about. I don’t know if it was my involvement in the whole process (i.e. seeing the Brach’s parking lot blow up, walking the same streets that much of the action took place on, taking part in the ARG), but I was just floored by the whole performance.

I’ll write more about the actual, but as of now I’d like to get a little bit of rest.

Horrifying photo of me courtesy of meine freund Kevin. No, I can’t dislocate my jaw. I have no idea why I made that face.

On another note, this video is amazing beyond words.

I’m IN – Dark Knight Screening!

After a long day of waiting for the timer at to come to an end, the day culminated with a frantic search across all of the Dark Knight ARG pages to find puzzle pieces which finally unscrambled to “Kickingandscreening”. I put my name into the website and was generated an honest-to-goodness pass to see one of the most anticipated films of this year.

This seriously couldn’t have happened any better than it did. Elise and I are taking a honeymoon to Europe next week on Thursday, which is the night the earliest normal Dark Knight shows are. This ticket is for the 15th! That’s two days before the actual release! How cool is that.

For those interested, this is what the ticket looks like. I’ve blanked out all pertinent info because I don’t want a jerk to steal my pass.


Dark Knight – The Bat Signal in Chicago

2651345019_fe9a69bca6 We had heard about the ARG meetup from Cristin (as always). We met in Chicago a few hours before we were supposed to be there. There was a countdown on the site with two coordinates – one in New York City and one in Chicago. We met at Chicago at the time that it said on the site at the coordinates and there were all sorts of other people mulling about.

Suddenly, a few people with “Gotham City News” sidebags showed up to pass out newspapers, pins, Citizens for Batman T-shirts, and keychains. Following that, four or so pizza boxes were given out (with Pizza, of course), each one had directions in it. Elise and I hung back because we thought they were just passing out more T-shirts which people were going equally wild over. Suddenly, this guy goes bolting past by himself screaming “run south! RUN SOUTH”.

While we were running with him, he was telling us the directions to our next objective – find a lockbox by a citizens for batman sticker. I looked behind me and there were about a hundred or so people in the same shirt sprinting after us. I screamed “run faster”, half-jokingly, and we sprinted to the next objective. We found the lockbox, the guy with the code unlocked this little combination safe, and we sprinted off to our next objective, a park a little further south.

From there, we were directed to find a hidden CB radio. There were two men there, both of which I thought were potential actors but turned out to be homeless people. The droves of people behind us finally caught up and joined the search for the radio. Meanwhile, another team was on their way back to the park from another objective in which they recovered a sheet of paper that held an anagram on it. Turns out, it was a sort of bat and we looked it up on my friend’s phone.

We transmitted the answer to the riddle on the hand radio (which some guy had found somewhere – I wasn’t really around for that part in all of the chaos) and the bat signal was SUPPOSED to suddenly shine on the Sears tower – unfortunately, it was way too light to see it, so it sort of failed until about 10:00 PM when it finally showed up. Overall, it was worth it for the insane scavenger hunt and the awesome amount of swag as well as the sight of the bat-signal on the Sears tower while driving away on the highway, but the conclusion was a little unsatisfying because of the bugs. There were hundreds left waiting for more, and when we finally left the crowd had dwindled to something around 10.

Photo taken from Orthodexy’s Flickr. Hope she doesn’t mind. I would’ve had my own photos, but I stupidly left my camera at home. Next time, I’ll be prepared.

Eagle Vs. Shark

As crafty as Cristin is, she got us (herself, me, Elise, and Andrew) tickets to see Eagle vs. Shark (a nice little movie produced by a studio in New Zealand…woah), which I’d been wanting to see for a while and it turned out to be damn good. Not only did I get some free cups (With Eagle and Shark on them), but I got to see an absolutely hilarious movie with my bestest friends. Whoo.

To sum up the movie in a few words, Andrew put it best when he said that at first it seemed like it was going to be Napoleon Dynamite II, but it turned into something deeper, something with an actual story..and that’s just about what you should expect. Filled with all sorts of awkward hilarity, dysfunction, and some sort of odd love story, Eagle vs. Shark managed to hold that goofy Napoleon Dynamite-esque feeling while actually maintaining an interesting storyline.

I’d go more into it, but I suck at this sort of stuff. All I can say is that if you’re a fan of Napoleon Dynamite or just about any recent Independent-type comedy, I’d really recommend it.

PS3 Home

As few of my friends are interested in this, I’ve decided to blog about it anyway.

– It’s called home (As noted before)
– You’ll have your own house in a “neighborhood” of your friends that is part of the total population of the world of PS3.
– Friends will be able to “visit” your house on their consoles and view your game trophies.
– It is also rumored, from the same source that revealed this system, that your friends will also be able to view the videos stored on your PS3 and listen to the music stored on your PS3 while inside of your house – of course there is an option to make videos and music private.
– You will also be able to play a host of minigames with friends – including cards and other games. I don’t fully understand the virtual TV system yet, but I’m sure this will be clarified if it turns out to be true.
– It is also rumored that you will be able to walk around your “town” and go to the theater to view clips or the arcade to play games.

According to the original article, member of the NEOgaf forums has found the patent and the future logo for the home system, so it’s looking to be true



Download “The Black Donnellys”

Seriously. Get it any way you can. Watch it, torrent it, or get it straight fron NBC’s site (Click on the logo) :

Black Donnellys

Cristin tipped me off that it’d be a good show and I decided I’d take her advice and check it out. Holy…friggin…crap. The only thing that I found off about the first episode is that the production values and acting were definitely of a higher caliber than the stuff that you’d usually find on ABC. It reminded me of something you’d see on HBO.

It’s really hard to explain without just telling the basic story, so I’ll just say I’d liken it to a more dramatic, emotionally involved, Boondock Saints. Irish guys, gangs, brotherly bonds, and more.