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October 24th Freewrite

I have too much to write about in such a short time. Over the period of two days, I learned that I had a house available to me and moved into it. Right now we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I didn’t have room in my car to carry anything large, so I folded my futon mattress to fit into the back of a van and carted it over. The cable guy is coming today and I can’t be more relieved. It’s weird to see how connected I am to the internet. Not only do I have to check every few hours to make sure that nothing has been assigned to me, but it’s one of my main sources of information and entertainment. Without it, I feel disconnected from the world.

It’s weird living with Elise. Not in a bad way, it’s just this has all happened so quickly. It’s like a perpetual sleepover. We went shopping for the first time last night and cooked some eggs and bacon for dinner, finishing with some fuzzy over-the-air television and some music on my computer. The cat that we rescued loves us. He wanders around the house when we’re gone, usually finding a place on a bag of clothes or a stray chair to sleep on. The second we walk in the door, he’s there. Following us, sitting with us, jumping onto my lap when I’m messing around with my computer. It’s pretty great.

Back on subject, the house was my grandparents’. My grandfather owns a subdivision, so he decided to move into one of his own houses, leaving his old one empty. Elise and I are taking care of the house until they decide to sell it. We also were given the task of clearing out all of the junk that they’ve left.

Digging through the various boxes is an oddly rewarding experience. It’s like a series of treasure chests containing objects long forgotten. Just yesterday, I found two official Army Medic kits from what I can only guess is the Vietnam War, a completely metal train set, and a switchblade knife with bone handle that I really can’t figure out how to close. There’s a complete box of photos from the 70’s, which amazes me. I can’t believe the changes that have taken place in only 30 years. It’s so incredible to see one moment frozen in time like that. I can’t wait until the time when I can look back at my photos and see the same type of discrepancies with the life I’m living. The cars, the styles, the places. I wonder if everything will change as much as it has in the last 30 years.

Smokey the cat!

We found a stray cat this weekend. It was sleeping in the middle of the road, so I decided to pick it up because I felt sorry for it. It is very thin, has a few scars behind it’s ear, a dirty gray coat – but it’s one of the most loving cats that I have ever come into contact with.

After a while of searching, we’ve figured that it’s abandoned/stray and we’re not going to be able to find the owners. Tomorrow we’re getting it’s shots and after that we’re taking it to a friend’s house so that they can take care of it until me and Elise move in together.

I made a house for the cat out of an old box and lined the bottom with a few old T-shirts. He loves it. I hope that’ll tide it over until we can get it to a real house.

Here’s a picture of the cat in question that I took today:

Cute, huh? Can’t wait for it to live with us!

Preparing for NC

Getting ready for a road trip is exciting. I love running out to the store and buying all sorts of crap to eat and drink on the way treats include:

  • A delicious 24 pack of water with some of those cool crystal light packets for flavor.
  • Some random doritos flavor that I haven’t tried
  • Cheesy pooooooofs!
  • Chocolate covered cookies
  • String Cheese
  • Fruity gum (I don’t know.)

…also it was nice to clean up my car so it looks pretty for the drive. I’ll be leaving for my first stop, Reston, VA tomorrow at 6:30 AM, so hopefully I’ll have all sorts of interesting shots of my journey or at least an entry or two from a random wireless hotspot along the way.


I’ve updated WordPress and as such, I’ve added a few things to my blog:

– An updated Twitter Widget will post my collective twitters of any given day as a single blog post (hope this doesn’t get too annoying!)
– Widgets are all messy at the moment, but I’ll get them fixed when I’m a bit less lazy!
– Hopefully look forward to more writings! I’ve been freelancing for the Times a lot so I should have plenty of stories to tell.
– Finally, I’m stealing my neighbor’s internet right now…A huge storm swept through my hometown and blew trees, powerlines, and all sorts of communication lines all over the place. I have electricity, but my net connection is still out – chances are I won’t update too often until it’s up again!

Elise’s Crash

Elise crashed her car today on her way to my house. What…the….hell is with me cursing her when I’m in her proximity. The only three times that she’s ever been involved in an accident were during the few times that we see each other (that aren’t summer) during the year between school.

Basically, some jackass pulled out in front of her as she was driving down the street and she couldn’t stop in time, consequently hitting the guy. I hope the police report rules in her favor because she needs a car badly for her work and the guy had barely any damage (while hers was totaled).

Luckily I’ve never crashed my car (and hopefully won’t any time in the near future) so I’ll be able to cart her around as soon as I’m out of school.

Car problems suck.

My first real blog!

Ok, I’ve been with blogger, livejournal, blogcharm, and even have frequented myspace blogs – but finally I have my own. I’m in total control. Cool.

You guys know I don’t write often, but I’m going to try to keep this thing updated with happenings in my life – exciting or not – and also my opinions on the world in general.

I’ve also imported my old blogs for your viewing enjoyment. If you know me, reminisce about our life together, if you don’t, make fun of my High School years. Both are equally fun.