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Spam is Hilarious

There are few things as beautiful and poetic as spam mail:

Have you ever heard that you that you can change your male aggregate length?
Women will drive crazy with you.
Dont miss this opportunity to lengthen your jang length.
It is time to consider your male machine length.

Or click on this picture to see the whole shebang:


I couldn’t stop laughing after I read this. So badly translated. And what in god’s name does “jang” mean?

Moving Servers!

Just wanted to let any random readers know that I’m in the process of changing hosting. Apparently, Yurx, my old host, is in a crazy state of turmoil and I’m not sure if it’ll be lasting too long.

If everything goes how I’d like it to, the transition should be flawless and easy. Chances are that it won’t be. I’ll be in South Dakota visiting family for the next four days, so I’ll try my hardest to fix up whatever problems might arise from there (if the NAM servers catch up as quickly as tomorrow, hopefully all of the bugs will be out before I leave).

Just re-discovered my GrandCentral

Just rediscovered my GrandCentral phone number. Basically it’s a number you create on the net that connects all of the phones you own to one central system. Online answering machine, forwarding, screening, fun fun stuff.

So give me a call sometime. Just click on that button below here and dial away. You’ll connect to me free of charge!

I built my own computer! Whooo!

Decided to upgrade my computer because I was running out of room due to my photos (and I just wanted to upgrade) so I got about $500 and bought all the parts to build my own computer. You can click on the links next to them if you feel like building your own pretty decent computer for under $600.

Here are the stats:

  • AMD Athlon 64 X2 Duel Core Procesor 3000+ (soon to be overclocked to 2.6ghz) – $61.99 Link
  • Raidmax Smilodon Case with 500w power supply. – $90…but you can go a lot cheaper with another case.  Link
  • 2 gigs of ram – $80 Link
  • 320 GB hard drive – $75 Link
  • Samsung DVD RW 18x – $37 Link
  • ASUS motherboard – $100 Link
  • EVGA Geforce 8600 GT – $114 Link

Total – $543 Yaaay.

So basically I got a formidable computer for  photo editing and gaming at a really decent price. I’m happy with it and I felt accomplished when I finally booted the thing up and it worked correctly. Here’s a shot of my new favorite toy:

My New Computer

I’m a pretty big nerd.

Testing Testing

Just messing around with “ScribeFire” a Firefox extension that allows me to directly write to my blog without even touching the WordPress Admin page. Spiffy, huh? Hopefully my amount of posts will ramp up due to this because it’s a lot less of a hassle to do.

Here’s a brief update on my life:

  • I’m working at the Northwest Indiana Times as a freelance photographer.
    Been taking pictures all over the area and it’s really great finally
    seeing my stuff published and doing what I love.
  • Getting ready to go to North Carolina with my family and Elise. An
    awesome road trip to pick up my cousin Cameron will precede this and
    hopefully I’ll have lots of fun pictures and updates from the road if I
    can get a decent wireless connection.
  • Out of school and back in the NWI region. Nice to be up here with friends. Going to Chicago a lot so hopefully I’ll shoot out some pics from my last trip when I can manage to do so.

Powered by ScribeFire.

PC to PS3 Media Streaming Tutorial (Subtitles/Xvid/Divx working!)

TVersity LogoAfter a lot of troubleshooting/experimenting, I’ve found the best method for serving files to my PS3 for myself with the help of this great little program called “TVersity” and FFDshow filters. (it’s on a pretty low end computer so it should work for everyone..)

Here goes:

1) Uninstall ALL codec packs/standalone codecs that you might have on your computer.
2) Download Tversity here:

You can either:

A) Install K-Lite mega codec pack and make sure ALL types of video are handled by FFDshow (you do this by clicking the little circle buttons below all of the different video and audio formats) Also make sure DirectVobSub is not installed (that one is toward the bottom of the list…I’ll tell you why you do this later).
or, if you don’t want the bloat of K-lite
B) Directly install FFDShow and make sure it handles ALL media formats you plan to be transcoding into your PS3 format. (

–OK back to the tutorial–

3) In either of these instances, when it has the little check boxes at the end of the installation, check “Set up FFDSHOW Video codecs” (or something like that) In this screen make sure you click the check box next to “subtitles”.
4) Install Tversity
5) Start the Server
6) Add all media folders to the library and let it process…this takes quite a long time the first time you do it.
7) Now if you’re connected to the PS3 correctly, you should be able to find and view your video, audio, and mp3 files.

– If your subtitles or xvid/divx movies don’t all properly work, shut down the server and go to Start>Run and type in “mediaserver -debug” I actually have to do this every time I start it myself because subtitles don’t work otherwise oddly enough.
– If your PS3 isn’t recognizing your connection, go to start>control panel>network connections and under the “advanced” menu on your toolbar, scroll down to “advanced settings” Make sure the connection that your PS3 is connecting to your server computer on is at the top of that list. If it’s not, move it there.

Everyone should be using Pidgin IM.

If you don’t know already, Pidgin is the new GAIM. AOL freaked out about the old GAIM name so they decided to cut their losses and go for a whole new name/look….and I must say it’s working wonders.

The first public beta of Pidgin came out today and it’s beautiful. Everything just looks 100x better with this iconset and as always the program is running perfectly.

The transition between the programs went smoothly. Even though many of the folders and files changed, all of my settings went over with the install.

Here are a few real quick shots while I explore. The second is tiny, but give it a click for full size. I’ll be sure to note some changes when I find them:
Pidgin IM Screenshot

Twitter Im Screen
Pidgin IM:
Download Link: