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Smokey’s gone.

After only a short month with the best cat ever, we took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with some sort of growth and swelling in his Kidneys that would ultimately end in a painful death. We had to put him to sleep today. I already miss him.

Smokey the cat!

We found a stray cat this weekend. It was sleeping in the middle of the road, so I decided to pick it up because I felt sorry for it. It is very thin, has a few scars behind it’s ear, a dirty gray coat – but it’s one of the most loving cats that I have ever come into contact with.

After a while of searching, we’ve figured that it’s abandoned/stray and we’re not going to be able to find the owners. Tomorrow we’re getting it’s shots and after that we’re taking it to a friend’s house so that they can take care of it until me and Elise move in together.

I made a house for the cat out of an old box and lined the bottom with a few old T-shirts. He loves it. I hope that’ll tide it over until we can get it to a real house.

Here’s a picture of the cat in question that I took today:

Cute, huh? Can’t wait for it to live with us!