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October 24th Freewrite

I have too much to write about in such a short time. Over the period of two days, I learned that I had a house available to me and moved into it. Right now we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I didn’t have room in my car to carry anything large, so I folded my futon mattress to fit into the back of a van and carted it over. The cable guy is coming today and I can’t be more relieved. It’s weird to see how connected I am to the internet. Not only do I have to check every few hours to make sure that nothing has been assigned to me, but it’s one of my main sources of information and entertainment. Without it, I feel disconnected from the world.

It’s weird living with Elise. Not in a bad way, it’s just this has all happened so quickly. It’s like a perpetual sleepover. We went shopping for the first time last night and cooked some eggs and bacon for dinner, finishing with some fuzzy over-the-air television and some music on my computer. The cat that we rescued loves us. He wanders around the house when we’re gone, usually finding a place on a bag of clothes or a stray chair to sleep on. The second we walk in the door, he’s there. Following us, sitting with us, jumping onto my lap when I’m messing around with my computer. It’s pretty great.

Back on subject, the house was my grandparents’. My grandfather owns a subdivision, so he decided to move into one of his own houses, leaving his old one empty. Elise and I are taking care of the house until they decide to sell it. We also were given the task of clearing out all of the junk that they’ve left.

Digging through the various boxes is an oddly rewarding experience. It’s like a series of treasure chests containing objects long forgotten. Just yesterday, I found two official Army Medic kits from what I can only guess is the Vietnam War, a completely metal train set, and a switchblade knife with bone handle that I really can’t figure out how to close. There’s a complete box of photos from the 70’s, which amazes me. I can’t believe the changes that have taken place in only 30 years. It’s so incredible to see one moment frozen in time like that. I can’t wait until the time when I can look back at my photos and see the same type of discrepancies with the life I’m living. The cars, the styles, the places. I wonder if everything will change as much as it has in the last 30 years.