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Remnants of Hurricane Sandy

I really do need to be more timely with my blogs – this is so late it’s sad. The day after Sandy hit the east coast, I wandered out to Lake Michigan to take a few photos of what the wind and rain had caused out here. Obviously, nothing as dramatic as the real thing, but it was interesting to see the effects of the superstorm on our local lake.

Lighthouse Spray

The sun was going down the first day I went. The waves were kicking up mist miles away, near the steel mills of Gary, Indiana.

Misty Mills

Chicago could be seen through the foggy air over the breaking waves. Really an odd sight, given the fact that waves rarely reach this height around here.

People were taking cover behind brick pillars as they attempted to take their own photos. The wind was fast and cold and the rain was pelting. Most people wandered outside for a short time before retiring to the shelter.

Inside the building, people looked out through the windows onto the rough lake.


Next time something interesting happens around here, I’ll update faster.

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