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Empty Factory

Wall’s Gone

Ladder to the Belltower

This room was difficult to stay in for long. It was coated in a thick layer of pigeon poop and smelled of urine. Not the most clean church…

The Hall

Entrance hall to the abandoned house. The shadow of the plank in the window almost looks humanlike.

The Pi Door

Apparently when you walk through this you come to a hallway that goes forever.

Crazy Room

>I have no idea how this photo turned out so incredibly. There was no HDR involved and this is literally a RAW file straight from my camera with…


Behind the Scenes

Someone had taken down the cool backdrop, so I figured I’d get a shot from where it once was. I’m sad I missed it.

What’s in the Safe?

Stood Up

It’s sad how fast this place went down. I’m nearly positive this area does not exist any longer, only a week later.