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Photography by Kyle Telechan

Outside the Beachhouse

Outside the Beachhouse

When the remnants of Katrina hit the area, a few places were left abandoned even though the place was prime real estate.

Weird thing about this place, though, was that the inside was completely intact. It seriously looked like the people just picked up and left.

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  1. Kira Crawford 1 Sep ’09

    I know this beach house!
    I went to oak island a few years back on a family vacation. this same house i went by several times during my week vacation, and fell in love with it! I took several picture of it myself of the inside and out. My heart jumped when i saw this picture, i love the photo as i do all the others. it makes me happy to know other people find beauty in the same things i do.

  2. Kyle 26 Dec ’09

    That is amazing! What an absolute coincidence. I took a ton of photos of this place with my wife and the place was eerily intact. We're used to vandals and graffiti artists messing places up, exploring near a bigger city, so checking out this beach house was a treat.

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