I had heard about the city doing research on ghost towns along our route out west in 2018. It was a zinc and lead town, once. Founded in the late 1800s. It was home to around 300 people at one point, before it closed in 1984.
Trees line the sides of streets, 30 years can do a lot to human infrastructure.
Graffiti, often vulgar, adorns most of the buildings here. As with most abandoned sites, vandalism has been a perpetual issue, and because of that, police keep a close eye on the area. Arrests for trespassing are not uncommon.
This road led to the town’s downtown area. In its heyday, you could visit a general store, a bakery, a post office, a gym, or a bowling alley.
I believe this was one of the city’s public buildings.
The factory the town was built around, now, obviously, inactive.