This location was my first explore ever back in 2007 when I saw it on the side of a road after a job and decided to check it out – at that time, it was in much better shape than it is now. The sanctuary had no graffiti, only one …

Computers Before
Cabinet Before
Jackson Before

This is why I keep locations secret.

Sometimes people wonder why I don’t share locations with the exception of face-to-face explores with people I trust. It’s not because I don’t want others to discover what I’ve discovered – in fact, nothing pleases me more than seeing what another photographer shoots in a place I’ve visited. I keep these …


Giant’s Causeway

A photo I took on my trip to Ireland two years back – somehow I haven’t managed to upload almost any of …


Living Room

We stumbled upon this old abandoned house along the highway on our camping trip out West last year.



This photo is a bit busy for my tastes, but it really shows the slippery, wet mess we had to slog through.


Wild Hallway

This place falls apart more and more every time I visit.



Human destruction of my favorite buildings bothers me much more than natural destruction and age.


Lone House

An abandoned house sits along the highway.