Revisiting the Palace, 2016

I enjoy repeat visits of places that I’ve photographed before. Not only because I like to see how they’ve changed over the years, but because I enjoy the challenge of finding something new to take a photo of every time. Before heading out west earlier this year, Elise and I revisited …

Remnants of the last math class in this room sits untouched, somehow.

Abandoned Classrooms

It’s sad walking through the abandoned hallways of a once-bustling school. The ghosts of what once remained – kids yelling, running, talking, filling classrooms, learning – are gone and replaced with darkness, uneasy silence, and the ever-increasing decay and destruction that an abandoned building suffers. A historic school in an area …


Rain on the Horizon

At this rate, I’ll be posting the rest of my photos before the week is over! Here’s one from Arches. I had …



I’m back from my camping trip with far too many photos to edit – figured I’d at least post one to get …


Warehouse 57

Elise and I were able to hit a new place a week or so ago – an old steel warehouse, soon to be …

Large industrial doors separate rooms in the warehouse.

Looking Through

This nearly 5 acre building was full of steel at one point – now empty and prepped for demolition, it’s set to …



Soon, this place is going to be a grass field.

Loading Bay

Loading Bay

Explored a new spot recently for the first time in a long time. It’s good to get out.