One Last Visit

Ambassador Apartments was one of my first large explores and even though it was already a wreck when I first came upon it, the wonder of climbing an eight story building that is practically falling apart has made every visit feel like an adventure. Upon hearing that it was slated …


Snowy CMC

Tried to beat people out to my favorite place a few days back when it was snowing – considering all of the …



This location was my first explore ever back in 2007 when I saw it on the side of a road after a …

Front Runners at 17
Hand Chair Participants

Chicago Marathon 2014

I’ve always been inspired and excited by the Chicago Marathon. I’m not a runner myself, but it’s incredibly interesting to me to …

Stars over Arches

Utah Stars

I always end up loving the Utah leg of our trip out west. Not only due to the beautiful scenery during the …