Remnants of the last math class in this room sits untouched, somehow.

Abandoned Classrooms

It’s sad walking through the abandoned hallways of a once-bustling school. The ghosts of what once remained – kids yelling, running, talking, filling classrooms, learning – are gone and replaced with darkness, uneasy silence, and the ever-increasing decay and destruction that an abandoned building suffers. A historic school in an area …



I’m back from my camping trip with far too many photos to edit – figured I’d at least post one to get everything started. This one is from one of our campsites in Utah along the Colorado River. The moonlight was so bright that you could mistake the photo as …


Warehouse 57

Elise and I were able to hit a new place a week or so ago – an old steel warehouse, soon to be …

Large industrial doors separate rooms in the warehouse.

Looking Through

This nearly 5 acre building was full of steel at one point – now empty and prepped for demolition, it’s set to …



Soon, this place is going to be a grass field.

Loading Bay

Loading Bay

Explored a new spot recently for the first time in a long time. It’s good to get out.


Dance Room

Back in the seventies, this part of the church was used as a dance studio – explaining the seemingly out of place decals. …


Stained Glass

The stained glass has survived the years, but it’s slowly being chipped away by vandals. I’m seeing less and less of it …