Valparaiso march against the RFRA

I was excited to learn that I’d been assigned by the Post Tribune to shoot a Valparaiso University-led march against RFRA yesterday – the day was beautiful and the turnout was even larger than I’d expected. Over 200 people showed up to march nearly two miles to Valparaiso’s city hall in order to make their voices heard. The mayor of the city even showed up.

After a week of disappointment in the state’s decision, it was great to see so many people out in support of equality and acceptance – many of them religious.


SLUG ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-4

ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-5 ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-6

ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-3 ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-12
ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-14 ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-15

ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-7 ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-17

ct-ptb-vu-law-march-st-0402-2 SLUG SLUG

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