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Dead Letters – Revisiting the Post Office

Built in 1936 under the guide of architect Howard Cheney via the New Deal program and closed in the 1970s, this Post Office has seen better days.

Revisiting the Palace, 2016

I enjoy repeat visits of places that I’ve photographed before. Not only because I like to see how they’ve changed over the years, but because I enjoy the challenge…

Warehouse 57

Elise and I were able to hit a new place a week or so ago – an old steel warehouse, soon to be public park, with an interesting story…

Valparaiso march against the RFRA

I was excited to learn that I’d been assigned by the Post Tribune to shoot a Valparaiso University-led march against RFRA yesterday – the day was beautiful and…

Too Much

This place was just too big. I took a wide shot to show the place off and there’s too much to look at in it.

The Stage