Built in 1936 under the guide of architect Howard Cheney via the New Deal program and closed in the 1970s, this Post Office has seen better days.

Skylights let natural light into the lobby area of the old Post Office. These places, the places that were the most bustling when the buildings were active, are the most eerie spots to me. Once people filed in and out of this room to send their packages off to family, loved ones, those away at the war. Now, it’s completely empty and falling to pieces.

I wish I knew what these upper areas were used for. I assume offices of some sort, but the hallway is reminiscent of an apartment building. Toward the inside, metal walkways stand above skylights that let light into the large central area of the building.

Chutes from the main processing area above lead into a dark, empty basement. I can only imagine that this area was used for various types of package storing and sorting.

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this boiler room aside from the insane light. The setting sun hitting a nearby building and reflecting back in through the small basement windows made for a mix of warm and cool that looked like it’d been set up by a professional light designer.

The light coming down the stairs was insane. A crazy mix of cool and warm.