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  1. Clyde Ramstead

    Kyle, I love your work. Amazing deterioration. I just hope you are armed when you go searching through places like this! At least take someone with you. The photo of the Theater Seats is great. I can only imagine that these buildings were quite unsettling or spooky…if not, you sure made them appear that way.

    I have photographed a few abandoned structures myself and recall a rather rapid heart rate!

    Thank you for posting your work and I have bookmarked your site.

    Clyde Ramstead – Squaw Valley, CA Age 64

  2. Thank you so much Clyde! I'm never armed in these places because if I accidentally find myself on somebody else's property, if found with any sort of weapon I can be charged with some pretty major crimes unfortunately.

    I do take groups with me and I'm never alone when I know that there is a danger of running into someone who might want to make trouble.

    I'm usually too in awe of my surroundings to be scared, but in certain situations I've definitely gotten my heart pumping as well. Completely pitch-black basements of old decaying buildings have a special power to freak me out.

    Thanks for bookmarking my site. I hope to see more from you!

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