Warehouse 57

Elise and I were able to hit a new place a week or so ago – an old steel warehouse, soon to be public park, with an interesting story behind it. […]

Dance Room

Back in the seventies, this part of the church was used as a dance studio – explaining the seemingly out of place decals. I used to have to shoot this through […]

One Last Visit

Ambassador Apartments was one of my first large explores and even though it was already a wreck when I first came upon it, the wonder of climbing an eight story […]

Morse Code House

The famous (or not so famous) morse code house of Northwest Indiana. Who wants to translate? Update: I only translated the first few words, but after a nice talk with […]

Too Much

This place was just too big. I took a wide shot to show the place off and there’s too much to look at in it.